Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ART 166 - Practice fairy tale reboot, concept art!

First pencil concept sketches for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - In S P A C E !  I'm not really modifying the facial features much because I would like to keep the characters as recognizable as possible.  I'm just modifying their outfits into spacesuits.  I played with an idea of making the dwarfs robots, but soon realized that they would lose their most iconic imagery (the beards), or at least, it didn't seem plausible.

So, I went with aliens!  I'd always wondered why the dwarfs heads were shaped the way they were, so I decided to fill them in based on the hats the original dwarfs wore.  I figure the antennae are almost necessary, as they distract from how weird the shape of the head is, and should allow for some extra animation and expressions.

Most of the other dwarfs are just clones of the basic happy/grumpy, with the exception of Doc, who would just have some space goggles or something.

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