Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Acquiescence Story Board Rough Draft!

So, if I haven't made it clear already, I'll clarify now: I wrote a book.  It's not a very good book, and it's still very much a work in progress, but nevertheless, I'm 90,000 words or so into my own fantasy novel.  It's basically Lord of the Rings style fantasy, with elves, dwarves, demons, dragons, etc...  For all of you ultra-nerds out there, I've designed most of the characters using Dungeons & Dragons rules (3.5 edition/Pathfinder, of course).  As you fellow geeks may notice, most of their abilities and spells are directly from the game.

Note: I decided to skip some unexciting dialogue and intro scenes from my book and focus on the action and important scenes instead.  It's a long book, and I certainly don't expect to get through much of it in this class.

In the first scene, we have the birth of our hero - a half-dragon/half-elf named Alastar.  It's set inside a volcano, with plenty of flowing lava and fire. I decided that having him hatch from an egg would make more sense, and will make for a funny surprise for him later in life.

The second part is where Alteron shows Alastar around the treasure room, where he encounters an assassin, Razankandryx.  There's a whole big conspiracy/prophecy/demonic omen thing going on that naturally marks Alastar as a high priority target for starting/preventing the end of the world. But that's all I can explain at the moment.  As for the fight scene I neglected to detail, I figured I would just skip drawing out the whole fight for now because of how many angles and cuts I would have to use for the action.  Just know that if I decide to animate this first fight, it's a fight between a dagger and poison dart wielding assassin that can climb on walls like a spider, short range teleport, and has superhuman reflexes - and a super-paladin king that likes to smite his foes with the holy wrath of god.

The last scene is after Alastar has been kidnapped by the assassin and delivered to the priestess.  Oops, spoiler!  Oh well.  Evidently, Alastar's blood is needed to bring a demon into the material plane so he can execute his evil plans.  What the priestess doesn't know is that her assassin had his dagger stolen when he was carrying Alastar.  Alastar now has his teleport dagger, which can go off without warning.  Hence Alastar's miraculous escape.  *I've made a note on how ridiculous this is, but I really want Alastar to have the dagger in a later scene.  Another possibility is to have Alteron give his son an amulet that allows him to teleport back to the barracks should he be hurt.  Or it's just a slowfall amulet (fits the story better) and I have to think of some other kind of interaction.

After Alastar is lost to the world, and Zovru has mysteriously infiltrated Saraikandrexia's volcanic lair (Alastar's mother, AKA Raina - her elven name).  The scene ought to start with the royal couple walking back through the cave system towards the lava cavern.  They are intercepted by a mysterious figure, who reveals himself to be the demon lord, Zovru.  Raina transforms into Saraikandrexia, a golden dragon, and breathes fire on Zovru.  Zovru shoots a high-level destruction spell (if you know D&D, you know that's bad) and hits the dragon, killing her instantly.  Alteron freaks out and charges Zovru, running him through with his sword.  Zovru, however, doesn't even care.  He's impervious to pain, and heals like Wolverine.  Archie, the Archmage, manages to save Alteron just before Zovru can get a finishing blow with his claws.

I need to skip the next scenes, as they are all just about demons invading the crap out of Draconia, and I have yet to actually finalize the scenes in the book.

Alastar was picked up by a secluded couple in the nearby woods.  They named the kid they found Draco, as if to imply that he's a dragon, rather than a demon, which would seem more likely. The adopting father happens to be ex-general of Draconia, Metreon Alterblade.  This is the scene where Draco learns how to fly.  It's fairly self-explanatory - the only thing I would like to mention is that the story his new mother is telling Draco is a story she is making up about him.  She's basically trying to tell him that he'll get all the experiences of normal people and that he'll be happy someday, but you know angsty teens.  They don't like hearing that.

So here we have the first part of a short adventure that Draco and Centryn Draconix (yes - he's the new prince of Draconia after Alastar (AKA Draco).  So far, I'm going with magical in vitro fertilization for that one.  He's a brother from another mother, but Draco doesn't know that yet).  The setting is at night, during an annual renaissance-style festival.  Naturally, in order to go unnoticed, they have to wear masks.  I have two little carnival games that they try out.  First, there's a classic hammer bell tower thing.  Draco is a half-dragon, so his strength is off the charts. Centryn, just having a high natural dexterity and very good formal training (courtesy of Metreon, same goes for Draco), easily wins a blindfolded game of darts.  Maybe that isn't a standard game, but whatever.  My world, my rules.

I would have done the next couple of scenes, but I ran out of time.  I may decide to draw it all later, but we'll see.  The next scene would include a hilarious underage bar gag where the duo orders whiskey, not knowing how to drink it, and right when they spit it out in disgust, Draco sets the entire bar on fire with his somewhat uncontrollable fire breath (half-dragon, remember?).

I also have a run-in between them and a roving gang of pirates set on ransoming somebody for money, but that's later.  Basically, I'm setting up for some fight scenes that include Draco and Centryn to showcase their abilities for the first time.

And that's only a quarter of the way through the book so far.

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