Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My final storyboard animatic for the Acquiescence Prologue!

Here is my final storyboard animatic for the ART-166 class.  It depicts Alteron, the king of Draconia, walking beside Archie, the Archmage, in a tunnel.  Archie makes a few cryptic observations about the nature of Alteron's soon-to-be newborn child.  Alteron leaves Archie at the entrance to a lava cavern, where Saraikandrexia (a golden dragon, and also Alteron's wife (remember, she can turn into an elf whenever she wants, which I would have shown directly afterwards - if I had the time to make a full transformation animation)) breathes fire upon her egg to help it hatch.  Then out pops baby Alastar, the half-dragon main character from my fantasy novel, Acquiescence.

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